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At Baroona Physio, we’ve learnt that we can amplify the effectiveness of traditional treatments by doing things a little differently.

We developed the Ridgway Method to ensure our clients receive intensive treatment when it’s most needed. Our holistic approach has now been adopted by practitioners around the world.

We dedicate more time, more focus and more planning to your appointment. Your unique treatment is quickly devised so that your problem can be solved in fewer sessions.

You’ll save time, save money, and most importantly, feel better fast.

Whole-Body Assessments,
Targeted Treatment

We focus on treating the cause of your pain, not just relieving the symptoms. Our investigations begin with an assessment of your nerve function, testing your body from head to toe. We’ll accurately locate the source of your problem before we begin treatment, so we don’t waste any time.

You’ll get long-lasting pain solutions in just a few concentrated sessions. It’s an approach that simply makes sense.

Physio Done Differently with the Ridgway Method

You can be confident you’ll see results with the Ridgway Method.

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What You Can Expect at Baroona Physio

You’ll attend three one-hour sessions within the same week, so that you get relief from pain and see real improvement fast.

Individual results vary and in the small percentage of cases where we can’t achieve results in 3 sessions, we help you find someone who can.

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Meet Michael Ridgway

Founder of the Ridgway Method

Michael Ridgway was not satisfied with the outcomes from the way he was trained in physiotherapy. He’s worked long and hard to design a systematic problem solving approach for resolving sports and musculoskeletal conditions in dramatically better way.

Michael’s frustrations led him to take a more honest and a more open approach. He strove to be more objective and look further than he was taught for more rapid and longer lasting solutions.

And when he found the single best intervention, the result was immediate and dramatic improvements in multiple signs throughout the whole body.

The results created a new understanding, which is increasingly backed up by research, that musculoskeletal conditions are actually protective mechanisms which are a result accumulative strain. For these reasons, behaviour change is also required for rapid and long-term benefits.

This approach provides unparalleled healthy activity and family life benefits for clients and their supporters.

The Golden Touch
Yolane’s Winning Result

Yolane Kukla won gold in the 50 metre freestyle event at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. You may be surprised to learn that she could barely swim the week before the big race. 3 sessions with Michael Ridgway, pioneer of the Ridgway Method and founder of Baroona Physio, helped Yolane get back in the pool to make her dream a reality.

Baroona Physio are proud to be part of Yolane’s support team.

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